Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Idol Re-Cap: 8 Female Finalists

Blogging as I watch...forgive the typos and the tense shifts.

Paris Bennett - "Conga"? HUH? AND wearing a dress over jeans? Is it "tired trend" night on AI? Paris can sing and all, but I think this is a horrible song choice. I hope this doesn't seem nitpicky, but I feel like in her interview segments she's trying too hard. Those eyebrows are a little too high, the voice a little too animated. David just made a good call: "she's never sounded as great as she did in the auditions." I'd rather hear her singing Billie Holliday than Gloria Estefan.
Lisa Tucker - I have no idea what the name of this song is. I will call it "R & B Product." I do not enjoy "R & B Product." I think she sang it well. I mean, I guess she did. I was really paying more attention to her asymmetrical hemline and the fact that her hair is straight this week, because, well, I was bored.
Melissa McGhee - NO PLEASE NO NOT A HEART SONG. ANYTHING BUT A HEART SONG. She screamed it pretty effectively, though. If screaming is your thing. It's not mine. Simon just agreed with me when he said that last note bought her a plane ticket home. Not that Simon is trying to manipulate who goes to the round of 12. Not at all.
Kinnik Sky - See, the thing about singing Alicia Keys is that you have to be good. Not a Miss Florida contestant. And Kinnik is most definitely the latter, not the former. I give her points for the cute skirt, but if that's the most positive thing I can say, then that's probably not a good sign for her.
Katharine McPhee
- "Freedom" - A fun song for her. She's so low-key, so talented, so natural, so quietly confident - I like her a whole bunch. She reminds me of Joss Stone, and I think that with the exception of Mandisa, she's the strongest vocalist in the bunch.
Ayla Brown - She sang the first 16 bars of her song without ever finding a note. I have no idea what the title of her song is, because neither David nor I could understand a single word she said. I think it may have been called "Unwritten," because that was the last word she mumbled.
Mandisa - "I'm Every Woman" - I'm really, really tired of this song, but I think it's a good one for Mandisa. She looked great, and I know that Randy is gonna say that she WORKED IT OUT (though there were a few shaky notes). Perfect way to showcase her personality. If she's on the stage, I can't help but watch.
Kellie (Dawn) Pickler - Okay, Kellie Dawn. Let's talk about you singing Melissa Ethridge. It requires EDGE. You have no edge. You are the absence of edge. So in order to convey edge, you screamed. Perhaps you and Melissa McGhee could have some sort of screaming contest. "What's a minx?" / "I'm a mink!" / "I had a salmon!" Let's get this girl back to the schoolhouse. She's giving Jessica Simpson a run for the tuna / chicken money.
Should go:
Kinnik Sky and Ayla Brown
Will go: Kinnik Sky and Melissa McGhee
Wednesday night: The guys. Will Kevin Corvais rebound? Will Ace smolder? Stay tuned.


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