Saturday, January 14, 2006

If He Asks For Hot Tea, I'll Know For Sure

I would like to take this opportunity to report what David has had to eat today.

4 teaspoons of coffee with 1/8 teaspoon of skim milk
3/4 of a piece of sugar-free whole wheat toast (that was breakfast)
1/2 cup lima beans (that was lunch)
1 apple
1 piece of baked fish
1 baked potato with mere pats of butter and sour cream
2 tablespoons of English peas
several sips of various juice and / or soda products

At this rate, he'll be 104 lbs. by the beginning of March, and we'll have to stage some sort of intervention because "shhhhh! he's not eating! shhhhh! but he thinks he looks great! shhhhh!"

I know he's in pain, and I know this whole "gallbladder thing" makes it difficult to eat. The "enormous" supper he ate caused him more than just a little discomfort.

But he's making Mary Kate Olsen look like a pure-D hog.

He also read an entire mystery in one sitting, was extremely cold while he read and stayed wrapped in a down throw, and kept his reading glasses perched on his nose for the better part of the day.

Based on all these events, I have come to one conclusion.

Aliens have abducted my husband and replaced him with an elderly British gentleman.

Cheerio. :-)


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