Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Amazing Race 9 - Week Two

The racers are leaving Sao Paulo, heading to parts unknown.

First they have to go to a tall office building, which doesn't open until 8 in the morning, thus allowing all the teams to start on pretty equal footing.

At 8, they learn they have a Roadblock: one team member has to climb a fire escape and then rappel down the side of the building. Afterwards, they head to a bus station to find tickets for a charter bus. Next is a Detour: "Press It" - processing raw sugar cane into juice and then into ethanol - or "Climb It" - hiking to a waterfall and completing a 90 foot rope climb. After that they travel 20 miles down the road to the next Pit Stop, a coffee plantation.

Here is my lame summary:

BJ & Tyler - The first words out of their mouths are "OH, crumbs." It's my new favorite expression. They're third after the roadblock. They decide to Climb It. They get some good help from locals, and they're first to the Pit Stop. They're totally likeable, a deserving first place team.
Eric & Jeremy - Quick to point out that they have "girls on the brain." You're kidding. I would've never guessed. And the way Eric talks about D & D is appalling. The Frat Boys are first after the roadblock but hopefully will break their legs soon. Eric asked to touch Danielle's behind, and she let him, so I have nothing for either of them. They're dead to me. They pick Climb It, but whatever. They're second to the Pit Stop, but first in sheer obnoxious behavior. I have decided to openly root against them.
Joseph & Monica - They're second after the roadblock, and they pick Climb It. Third to the Pit Stop. I haven't said much about them because I have no idea what they're like. At this point, they're enigmas, wrapped in conundrums. No clue about their personalities.
Dave & Lori - Dave says he loves Lori because she has "Body Boom Body with the Naughty Pilates." I love them. They're sixth after the roadblock, and surprise, they pick Press It. They converted sugar cane to ethanol in no time at all because they're geeks like that. Fourth to the Pit Stop - good for them.
Wanda & Desiree - They're speaking Spanish / Portugese like crazy and seventh after the roadblock. They pick Press It. Sixth to the Pit Stop - and delighted about it.
Ray & Yolanda - Sixth after the roadblock, they pick Climb It and come in an exhausted fifth place at the Pit Stop.
Lake & Michelle - They're fourth after the roadblock. He's still on my nerves. They go to the wrong bus station, but surprisingly, Lake doesn't cuss out his wife. They choose Climb It. He tells his wife to "get your a__ up that mountain." I have to refrain from throwing something at the television. They have a hard time getting directions to the Pit Stop, but they finish seventh.
Danielle & Dani - This week it's YELLOW low-cut tank tops, so they're really breaking out. One of the two girls is panicked at the idea of rappelling. But she recovered...eighth after the roadblock. They're eighth to the Pit Stop.
Fran & Barry - "Now you're cookin'," the hubby says as his wife rappels down the building...and they're tenth after the roadblock. Surprisingly, they pick Climb It, and they actually make it up the mountain. But their car breaks down, and Danielle and Dani fly past them without helping. Charming. They're actually the ninth team to arrive at the Pit Stop, so they're not out of it yet.
Lisa & Joni - Quit screaming. Quit it with the WHOO HOOs. Or we won't be able to stand you. Ninth after roadblock. Lisa is heading for a meltdown...she seems to be stuck in a negative mindset, and as a result, she is complaining incessantly (here's a tip: if you don't like to rough it, don't sign up for TAR). They choose Press It. And they git 'er done, but they're the last team to the Pit Stop. Lisa can't quit crying when she learns that they've been eliminated. The upside is that we don't have to listen to them scream anymore. Though I'm sure they're lovely people.

All in all, not a riveting leg...mainly because there was no air travel, which always makes for fun complications, tensions, etc. Next week: we're off to Moscow, which means...NESTING DOLLS. Stay tuned.


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