Sunday, March 12, 2006

In MY House? When Pigs Fly.

I'm folding clothes and watching HGTV, and this show called "Pet Pads" just came on. I've seen it once before, when it featured a couple in Texas with two adorable Westies, and the couple had built all sorts of dog-friendly features into their home. I enjoyed the show very much.

But today I'm, um, struggling. This epsiode features a woman in Washington who has 17 PIGS living in her home. Not dogs. Not cats. PIGS. And the woman calls herself "the pig whisperer."


So I would like to document several of her quotes and let you, the reader, come to your own conclusions.

"We built three different areas for our pigs to sleep in in the living room."
"I have, probably, pretty close to 4500 pig items in this house."
"This section [of pig cubbies] is [modeled after] a hacienda."
"We bought this house because it was one level and we don't have to worry about the pigs going up and down steps or anything."
"The pigs can't walk on tile. They slip. So we had all the carpet installed for the pigs."
"There isn't a room in this house that isn't decorated with pigs."
"This is a pig-only bath."
"Anything we do is pig-related."

And her pigs have names like Hog-N-Das, Cinnabon, and Pigstachio.

And she sings them to sleep.

And I'm trying really, really hard to be open-minded. I promise I am.

Do y'all think she eats bacon?


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