Friday, March 10, 2006

Although I Doubt Oprah Relates To This Particular Problem

I TiVo Oprah every day. However, many times I delete the episode before I watch it, because I have very rigid Oprah criteria. In order for me to watch a full episode of her program, said program must feature a) celebrities b) books c) celebrities with books d) makeovers or e) makeovers with Nate Berkus, who is dreamy.

However, I have had to make an exception to the rules lately because of an ongoing series called The Debt Diet. Oprah and her team of experts are working with three families to get them out of debt. But it's about so much more than money. The families are working to figure out why they spend and what their "deep down" issues are that cause them to be, say, $170,000 in the hole - not counting the mortgage. It's been interesting to see lightbulbs go on with a couple of families, and I can't wait to see what's going to happen with them down the road.

The biggest "NO WAY" moment so far was when one of the wives admitted that when she got her bills in the mail, she just didn't open them. Or she threw them away altogether. But she definitely didn't bother to pay them, even though she lives in a $300,000 house. When she finally sat down with her financial counselor, it took them TWELVE HOURS to wade through all the unopened mail. TWELVE HOURS. (And by the way, I'm certainly not judging the woman...I admire that she's being so open about her problems, financial and otherwise. Good for her that she has decided to make drastic changes in order to improve her family's life. Dave Ramsey would be delighted.)

David has actually enjoyed watching this series with me - and I think most of y'all will be interested, too. So check out this link, get the back story, and we'll talk on March 24th, after the next segment runs.

It's fascinating.


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