Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Idol Re-Cap: 8 Male Finalists

I have high hopes for here we go.

Gedeon McKinney
- "When A Man Loves A Woman" - I think he needs to drop the Sam Cooke / Smokey Robinson routine. Maybe he figures he needs to stick with the horse that brung him, but at this point I'd like to see that he can do something except old R&B. But Blaiken can sing, no doubt about it. I don't think Gedeon loves the ladies, unless they're relatives or close friends, if you catch my drift. Seeing him explain why he chose this song was initially awkward, then downright comical. Great voice.
Chris Daughtry - "Broken" - Another good song choice for him, though I don't happen to love the song. But the bottom line is this: he already sounds like someone we'd be listening to on the radio...his voice is distinctive, he's comfortable with who he is, and that's good. I do think he's going to have to break out of the alt-rock mode in the next few weeks - just so we see a little versatility.
Kevin Covais - "Starry, Starry Night" - Has anyone ever looked more uncomfortable on stage? He doesn't have a bad voice, but he is a featured performer in show choir, not an American Idol. Kevin's going to be singing at a lot of weddings in his future. His voice just isn't relatable, though - it doesn't make us want to dance or sing along. He's a geek gone good - and that's a great story for him to tell his kids one day - but he's not geek gone Idol. Not gonna happen.
Bucky Covington - "Wave on Wave" - This is actually one of my favorite songs from back when Alex was a baby. But y'all, Bucky is just not much of a singer, though this was probably the best song he's picked so far. There is nothing in me, however, that thinks there will be a CD anywhere in Bucky's future, unless it's something he produces at home, on his Mac, and sells in the lobby of his church. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
Will Makar - Good thing he didn't come off as a goob in his taped piece. Ahem. He sang "How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You." Now you will never, ever hear me say anything negative about a James Taylor song. This was actually a fun change of pace for him, especially after that "Lady" debacle last week. I think he'll definitely move on to the next round - but the whole performance reeked of a high school talent show. Like where all the moms are on the first two rows with their camcorders, and Will is making eyes at all the grandmas in the audience, and they're all talking about what a sweet boy he is. Sweet - but boring.
Taylor Hicks - Taylor, here's a hint: don't wear a bunny suit on national television. It scares people. But is anything more perfect for him than a Michael McDonald song? Not only that, it's one of the best Michael McDonald songs - "Takin' It To The Streets." Awesome. He sang his heart out - and I think this was his best performance yet. Loved it loved it loved it. I think the audience did, too. I adore how he swings that arm around when he sings, but Simon's right: he may single-handedly kill the video industry. :-)
Elliott Yamin - Serious song choice miscue with "Heaven," as I don't think any of us should ever have to hear a Bryan Adams song ever again. This was Elliott's worst performance so far, because the song just didn't show off what he can do (as opposed to last week's "Moody's Mood For Love"). Surprisingly, Randy liked it - I think the judges just want to make extra sure that Elliott gets through. I'm totally in agreement with Simon on this one - it felt uninspired.
Ace Young - I have no idea what the song is called, but I'm thinking it might be "Butterflies" - way too much falsetto for my taste. What is this trend with guys singing falsetto in these R&B songs? I do not enjoy it. However, the "lovely ladies" in the audience didn't seem to mind it at all. Quick aside: I'm tired of Ace looking at the judges all wide-eyed and "sincere," but I'm willing to forgive it if he wears those jeans again next week. I'm just sayin'.

In my opinion, the guys are much more consistently entertaining than the girls are. It'll be a pretty strong field of six once they get it narrowed down. My favorite of the night: Taylor. David just commented that he's so grateful that Randy and Paula kept Taylor in it that very first audition - because he makes this whole competition so much more interesting. I'm encouraged by the fact that I'm still getting a busy signal every time I try to vote for him.

Should go: Kevin Corvais & Bucky Covington
Will go: Kevin Corvais & Bucky Covington
Tomorrow night: the results!


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