Monday, April 03, 2006

If I Hear It Again, He's Out Of The Will

Tonight Alex was in the tub, and I was in the adjoining bedroom catching up on some bloggity business (would that be "bloggery"?). And then I heard the most disturbing sound:


I immediately stopped what I was doing and said, "Um, Alex? WHAT did you say?"


My first thought, honestly, was "We've been in Alabama too long."

My second thought, naturally, was "At least it wasn't Hotty Toddy."

So we've spent some time tonight on some old-fashioned home-training:


I know he picked up his War Eagle battle cry from Mothers' Day Out, because his good buddy C. is a big-time AU fan. I've made it very clear to Alex that the next time C. yells "War Eagle," A. is to counter with his Bulldog cheer, which may result in his MDO's first-ever MSU/AU showdown.

I mean, sometimes you have to take a stand on pure principle.

I feel like the poor child has been exposed to the dark side, and I have to rescue him while there's still time.


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