Thursday, March 30, 2006

A Mariah Carey Song Is Not An Option

Last night when I was watching the American Idol results show (bye bye, Lisa), I noticed that once again the judges pointed out the importance of song choice. Randy's comment that the contestants need "to pick better songs" led to some deep introspection on my part that I feel on some level is entirely inappropriate for a 36 year old wife and mother. But I couldn't help myself.

Here was (is) my dilemma:

If I were a contestant on American Idol next week, what would I sing? Keep in mind that the fact that I cannot sing is by no means a hindrance here in my personal la-la land.

And somehow this question has become all-too-real to me, like at some minute the AI producers are going to walk in my house and say, "Okay - time's up. Tell us RIGHT NOW." I feel an odd sense of urgency about my decision, because I'm, you know, INSANE.

Next week's competition has a country theme, but my talent cannot be limited by genre. I just can't work with that kind of process, people. Don't try to put a fence around my level of singing talent. Because the dogs, when they hear me, they will have to run free.

So here are my top three options:
"Independence Day" - Martina McBride - my country selection
"Bring It All Together" - Natalie Grant and my BFF Wynonna - my contemporary Christian selection
"Hard To Handle" - the Black Crowes version - this is my "break out" song to show the judges how versatile I am

Yours? And don't be shy. I know y'all. I have seen many of you sing into a hairbrush. So 'fess up.


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