Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Rach Is Cookin' Tex-Mex And It ROCKS

Rachael Ray just referred to using salt and pepper as "a little 's' and 'p' action."

I've written before about the fact that she gets on my nerves a little bit.

So why can't I quit watching? Why am I still sitting here at her "E.V.O.O./DELISH/S and P ACTION/YUM/YADA YADA/STOUP-because-it's-thicker-than-a-soup-but-thinner-than-a stew" mercy?

Why can't I turn away?

Something is wrong with me.

But tonight - it's songs of the 21st century on American Idol.

Not even Rach describing cheese as "melty" can dampen my excitement.


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