Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Wednesday Wrap-Up

Going to NK's grandparents' house today reminded me so much of being at my Mamaw and Papaw's house. There were all kinds of barns and fences and stables and cattle grates...lots of places to hide and play and pretend. And then there was the food, oh my word, the food - pot roast, mashed potatoes, fresh corn, green beans, macaroni and cheese, deviled eggs, rolls, green salad, homemade lemon pie - what most of us fix for lunch, I'm sure.

Outside there were huge trees in every direction, the prettiest green grass I've ever seen, and nothing but rolling hills (and cows) as far as the eye could see. Gorgeous. I'm not a nature person (I think I've made that abundantly clear), but Alex really seems to be. He is perfectly content to roll in the grass, stand under the trees, count the clouds, dig in the dirt - he loves it all. So when we're outside, I watch Alex like he's a TV show or a science experiment: "Watch the youngster as he examines the worm - and doesn't scream! Note the child who falls down in the mud - and thinks it's funny! Observe the toddler as he frolics in the weeds - and doesn't complain of itching!" It just fascinates me to see how he soaks in his surroundings, how he really enjoys nature, and my prayer is that as Alex gets older, the outdoors will become a wall-free sanctuary for him, a place where he can really feel God's presence. And that is my Sensitive Mama Moment for today.

Okay - on to American Idol. Kevin, Lisa, and Bucky as the bottom three - can't really disagree with that, even though I have Ace issues (sorry, Lauren and EK - if if makes you feel better, he was looking directly at both of you, seeing the depths of your very souls). :-) But I think we can all agree that Kevin's 15 minutes are over. Maybe when he gets back into school he'll get the leading role in the fall musical and be the best! Danny! Zuko! ever! 'Cause Kevin will totally rock in Grease, y'all. Totally. Rock on, KC.

Next. Is anyone besides me watching America's Next Top Model? I won't bore you with the details if I'm the only one watching, but I have SEVERAL observations if any of y'all are tuned in. Which reminds me. I haven't done well with posts for The Amazing Race the last couple of weeks because it's right after AI, and it's hard to get it all done, so Merritt, you and I may just have to email about it. If that's okay.

Here's one more picture from today...and with it, I bid you good night.


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