Monday, March 20, 2006

That 28K Modem Was REAAAAL Nice

We're back home.

I'm in the throes of a two-way withdrawal: 1) I didn't get to write anything all weekend and 2) I didn't get to read anything all weekend. For me, the latter has been way worse than the former, so give me a few minutes to get Alex down for a nap, catch up on my reading, and transfer all our pictures to the computer. Hopefully by then I'll have something coherent to say.

And just one more thing. If you're still hanging on to a dial-up modem because you think it doesn't make good sense for you to spend extra money on DSL or cable because you're not on the internet all that much? FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT'S HOLY AND FOR THE SAKE OF YOUR RELATIVES' SANITY, get rid of the dial-up and join us, won't you, in the 21st century. It's lovely here.

I got tickled yesterday when I looked in Mama and Daddy's den and saw David and Barry with their laptops open, no doubt offering prayers to God that He would somehow mercifully intercede and miraculously create a wireless connection. They even called around town to look for wi-fi hotspots, but apparently Meridian isn't on board with that yet. I told Barry that we could ride around with our laptops on and see if we could jack someone else's connection, but I guess that wouldn't have been very "ethical" or "appropriate," not to mention "legal."

We had a great time - but it is nice to be back in the land of the high-speed wireless connection.

More updates soon.


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