Friday, March 17, 2006

Birthdaypalooza 2006

So we're leaving town this afternoon (I may as well have just said, "ATTENTION, THIEVES OF BIRMINGHAM! OUR HOUSE WILL BE UNOCCUPIED! THE ALARM CODE IS...") to go to my parents' house and celebrate (again) The Birth of The Toddler. Just a thought: could we possibly drag out Alex's birthday celebration any more than we have? Can you say "only child"? Anyway, things will be slow around BooMama, unless I can get Daddy's high-fangled dial-up interweb provider to talk to the laptop. I'll go ahead and tell you - the prospects don't look good.

Sister and Barry will be there, along with all manner of grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins, and it'll basically be a contest to see who will be the first to say, "WHEW. I am SO full. Gosh I'm full. I can't eat another thing. But I will try a piece of that pie." Last night I talked to Mama, and she was cooking pork tenderloin and turnip greens and sweet potatoes and lima beans and cornbread and thought she might make some potato salad, "but I don't know if I need two kinds of potatoes. Well, I think I'll make a little anyway." So there will be some food.

I'm actually looking forward to the drive because David and I haven't gotten to talk much this week. I even have a list of five or six things I want to remember to tell him (oh, don't laugh - my mind and memory went to pot as soon as they pulled that baby out of me, and I need me a list). Between the birthday and the crazy schedules and my constant barking cough that oftens gives way to gagging, there hasn't been very much Quality Conversation at our house the last few days (I can't for the life of me imagine why). At one point when David and I were trying to Share Meaningful Information and were interrupted by a) Alex b) the phone and c) my continued efforts to offer up a lung, David said, "Hey! Is it on the blog?" And when he got an affirmative reply, he said, "Okay! I'll just read it there!" and then raced down the stairs to escape The Wife Who Does All The Talking and Barky Coughing.

Hope y'all have a good weekend. I'll check in if Daddy's 28K modem will allow it (oh, it's nice. It's reaaaal nice). In the meantime, click around and let me know if you find another blog that you like - I'm always looking for something new and funny. You can start here or here - lots of clicky link goodness at both places.

In the meantime, we'll be eating lots of cake. And laughing. And I of course will be coughing, because nothing says "Happy 3rd Birthday!" like a mama with her hands braced on the kitchen table, trying to remain upright though her body wants to collapse from the force of the violent hacking.

I am a treasure, aren't I?


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