Thursday, March 16, 2006

If Tracey And Emma Kate Weren't On Vacation, They'd Have Something To Say

I realize that I seem to be the only person on this blog - at least this week, when my Mississippi friends are on Spring Break - who cares one iota about American Idol, but it is SERIOUS BUSINESS, people.

It may take me a long time to get over the fact that not one - NOT ONE - of my alleged friends commented after my hastily written painstakingly crafted AI post from Tuesday night (Et tu, Bubba? Et tu, Daph?). I am comforted knowing that EK and T-Riels will be back from their internetless vacations by next Tuesday night, and EK can ramble on once more about how wonderful Kevin Corvais is (not).

So I need to know the following: 1) Daph's evaluation of Daughtry 2) Bubba's evaluation of McPhever and C) if Merritt and Wendi have watched at all. At least keep me up to speed, because if y'all continue this type of AI abandonment you may have to give up your titles of B/F/F. That's harsh, I know - but there must be consequences for this type of callous commenting behavior. The Bible tells me so. :-) Sister hasn't even posted her usual *YAWN* comment with a smiley face so that we're all perfectly clear that she neither watches nor cares, and while I know the earth won't quit spinning on its axis, we had a nice little AI tradition in the works.

It's all just RURNED. RURNED!

Anyhoo, David and I called two of the bottom three (Ace and Lisa), but we missed on the person who was voted out: Melissa McGhee. It's a fair enough result, I think - she was not long for the Idol world.

And just because I adore them, I wanted to post the clips of Taylor's and Katharine's performances, but apparently the copyright police have clamped down on the folks over at You Tube, so there's yet another reason why every person in America should have a TiVo. Or two.

Love y'all.

BooMama - OUT.


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