Monday, March 13, 2006

Insert Lame Pun Using The Word "State" Here

When I was trying to come up with a title, I was thinking "State of Affairs" or "Making a Statement" or somesuch oh-no-she-didn't-now-I-have-to-roll-my-eyes nonsense. Which reminds me. Have y'all seen Fred Smoot when he introduces himself on Monday Night Football and says, "Fred Smoot, cornerback, THE Mississippi State University"? I don't know why I just thought of that, but I did, so there.

Okay. Moving on.

Many of the forties of you who visit here went to State. Some of you went to Ole Miss, but we really don't hold it against you, because State folks are, as a rule, very welcoming, accepting and gracious. But we do pray for you.

Seriously, I've had a couple of moments lately - and I think it's due in large part to the time of year - where I have had vivid memories of Starkville. Now I know that sportscasters and sportswriters like to make fun of Starkville and say things like "the name says it all" or use the word "rural" five times in one paragraph or question why any sane person would choose to attend college in such a small town, but y'all, I just thought it was perfect. It was a wonderful place to spend four five six years. I have such happy memories...and I imagine most of you do, too.

So, here's the question. What are the three things that, for you, stand out from your time in Starkville or Oxford or wherever you went to college? What are the places or experiences that "sum up" that time of your life?

By the way, I think all of us have moved on - and I'm certainly not advocating that we wade neck-high into the river of "remember when" - but it's fun to think back on that time and appreciate it.

My three? Just for the record? Why thank you so much for asking.

1. The Hump
2. Driving through Five Points on Friday afternoons in the fall and being surrounded by RV's and campers
3. Fried cheese from The Grill. Or Harvey's. But definitely fried cheese because really, when you take a fat-laden product, batter it, and deep fry it, you multiply its delicious goodness.

Honorable mention: sweet tea at Bulldog Deli, Oby's, riding out to The Refuge on a spring day, and watching Broadcast News 4,279 times. Just an estimation.



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