Saturday, March 25, 2006

$60 And 9 Garbage Bags Later

So I'm not finished with the house stuff. Not by a long shot. But OH, MERCY is it better around here.

And I'm sure you're all sitting around thinking, "I HOPE SHE POSTS PICTURES!"

Actually, though, the thought of posting pictures has given me incentive today...because I have felt a little accountable to y'all. I mean, you can't really post about how overwhelmed you are by your house and then show up the next day and say, "Um, well, I didn't do a thing." Hence the trips to Lowe's and Walmart for Fun New Storage Supplies.

The kitchen and the den are now under control. That makes me very, very happy.



To get the armoire ready for the new blue hamper toy-thingy, I threw out an entire garbage bag filled with old videotapes. There were two tapes I couldn't bear to throw away. One is the video of Alex at my 24-week sonogram. Any guesses as to what the second one is? Here's a clue. It's NOT a movie.

There's a fabulous prize for you if you guess correctly. Well, not really. But I can hook you up with a pack of gum if you're the lucky winner. Everybody needs a goal, right?


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