Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Christmas Music In Walmart Reminded Me To Do This

Mark your bloggy calendars, everybody!

Feel free to steal the button as well, but for the love of pete, keep it small. Because the resolution? Not so great.

(But this is as good as it gets button-wise because I nearly ruptured a retina scrutinizing my humble button-making efforts.)

(I'm enjoying the use of the word "button" coupled with a hyphen, if you can't tell.)

(I'm feeling somewhat button-challenged.)

Anyhoo, I only ask a couple of things if you're planning to participate in this humble little tour:

1) That you actually post pictures of your holiday decorations (and by all means, if you celebrate Hanukkah and not Christmas, please join us).

2) That you don't mock the season. Or the Reason. Or the people who are participating. And I shouldn't even have to say that because MY WORD WE'RE A BUNCH OF GROWN-UPS, PEOPLE!

As for what kind of pictures we're going to post...well, I'm thinking pictures of your tree...pictures of a particular collection that you love...pictures of your favorite nativity scene...pictures of your front door...and pictures of your outside decorations if you'd like to share them.

So basically, you know, whatever.

And really, it's only fair that you should provide some refreshments (I mean, you ARE inviting us over and all), so I think it would be great fun if everyone posted his or her favorite quick and easy holiday recipe along with the pictures.

Just an idea. Feel free to ignore.

Let me know if y'all have questions or suggestions...and remember, I'll put a Mr. Linky up the morning of the 15th, and everyone can link away!

Feliz Navidad, y'all.


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