Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Idol Re-Cap: 12 Female Finalists

Ayla Brown – She didn’t do a bad job with her Christina Aguilera song, but she has this odd absence of personality. No charisma whatsoever. She's not horrible, but she's better suited to school plays and show choir, I think.
Becky O’Donohue – She completely confirmed what I had suspected all along. She made it to the semi-finals because of her looks. When she started to sing, David looked at me and said, “She sounds like she’s from Czechoslovakia and is being forced to sing a song in a language that’s not her own.” But oh, did she ever try to sell it. I ain’t buyin’.
Brenna Gethers – Anyone with that much sass should have loads of talent to back it up. She doesn’t. She brings out extreme feelings of hate and rage in my husband.
Heather Cox – Who? Might be the most unmemorable AI contestant yet.
Katharine McPhee – LOVED HER. She sang one of my favorite songs, “Since I Fell For You,” and her performance, for me at least, was the best of the lot. She’s a natural. Didn’t overwork it, didn’t seem scared to death – perfect.
Kellie (Dawn) Pickler – She’s cute as a bug, and she’s really unaffected. She didn’t butcher Martina’s “How Far,” but she fell into what I like to call “hollering territory” every now and again. She’s not the most talented…but she is really, really likeable.
Kinnik Sky – I love Oleta Adams, and I love “Get Here,” but all I could think of when she was singing was, “Ladies and gentlemen, Miss Georgia, Kinnik Sky!” Total pageant performance.
Lisa Tucker – She’s 16?!?! She’s talented, for sure, and the audience seemed to love her, but she sang “I’m Changing” – and David got a weird look on his face and said, “She’s CHANGING? She’s 16!” The song was a little old for her, but she’ll go far because teenagers will vote for her.
Mandisa – I hated her song choice (I despise any Heart song with every fiber of my being), but she can SANG. Love her.
Melissa McGhee – Um, I don't get her.
Paris Bennett – It would’ve been a great performance if she had just BEEN STILL. My word she jumped and gestured and, on the part of “Midnight Train To Georgia” where the back-up singers say, “WHOO WHOO,” she made that motion we all made when we wanted truckers to blow their horns on the interstate. I loved listening to her, but I didn’t like watching her. I imagine she’ll settle down over the next few weeks.
Stevie Smith – Liv Tyler look alike or no, she butchered that Josh Groban song. One of the more bizarre performances I’ve ever seen.

Should go: Brenna Gethers and Stevie Smith
Will go: Stevie Smith and Heather Cox
Tonight: the guys! Say a little prayer for Taylor Hicks….


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