Sunday, February 19, 2006

By The Numbers

  • Members of our household who went to church this AM: 1
  • Members of our household who have a messy cold: 1
  • Age of said cold sufferer: 2
  • "Blue's Clues" episodes watched by cold sufferer: 4
  • Pounds of cheese grated for Thursday's meals: 8 (homemade pimento and cheese and homemade potato soup are two of the dishes at lunch; homemade macaroni and cheese is one of the sides at supper, and we all wonder: "Will Chris Tomlin's digestive tract ever recover?")
  • Old-fashioned cheese graters used: 0
  • Times Lord was thanked and praised for food processor grater attachment: 96
  • Pounds of pork tenderloin in my refrigerator: 15
  • Members of household currently asleep on couch: 1 (the church-goer)
  • Dogs fed Cheetos by two year-old: 2
  • Minutes until two year-old's nap: 26
  • Mama who will be very, very happy in 26 minutes: 1
Update: 2:05 pm
  • Minutes actually slept during "nap": 18
  • Coughs during 18 minutes: 582 (approximately)


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