Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Well, HAP-py Valentine's Day!

Okay - so it's not really a big secret that I am not a huge romantic. I am probably the least romantic girl I know, in fact. I don't care about sweeping romantic gestures - your flowers, your chocolates, your jewelry. I especially don't care for jewelry - I would much rather David sock that money away so that we can go on a big trip for our tenth anniversary (side note: one time I mentioned this to Mama, who said, "You'd rather take a trip than have another diamond?" I said, "Oh, yeah - any day." And she replied, "Well, you're crazy.")

My point is that I tend to let holidays like, say, Valentine's come and go with only a card as a token of my love and affection. If I'm really going all out, I'll get David a CD or something (another side note: my sister, on the other hand, never misses a single holiday...this morning we were greeted by a Large Box of Goodies filled with all manner of age-appropriate toys for Alex as well as candy and a book for his mama).

When I woke up today I did process the fact that it was Valentine's Day, and while I considered picking up happies for my husband, I ultimately thought, "You know, I bet David will kind of appreciate it if I don't cave in to the commercialism of this manufactured holiday - I am not going to buy anything." To me, at least at 6:30 this morning, this was an excellent idea - one of my better ones, in fact. I mean, what husband wouldn't want for his wife to abandon all romantic expectations? That's a good thing, right?

I was surprised to find a sweet email from D. in my inbox about an hour later, and I honestly thought it was a great V-Day token in and of itself. I was actually impressed that he remembered the day at all, as he has been very vocal in the past about his dislike for what he calls "Valentinian paraphernalia." I sent him a sweet email in return, and in my mind, we were all done with the Valentine's festivities. We'd expressed some lovely sentiments, end of story.

Did I mention that I'm not at all romantic?

Imagine my surprise this afternoon when I found a gift WITH A CARD (that's even a bigger deal when D. is doing the giving) on the dining room table. He had picked out a new cookbook (I can read a cookbook like a novel, no kidding) AND a copy of Paula Deen's new magazine. Nothing extravagant, mind you - but really thoughtful gifts that will be used and enjoyed by me for many years to come.

And do you know what I had to give my husband?

That would be JACK. And SQUAT.

He wasn't upset at all. He was a little surprised - but not upset. I mean, I do usually give AT LEAST a card, but this year I didn't even have that unless you count the cards that Alex got yesterday at Mother's Day Out, and somehow I'm thinking that small animated greetings from Matthew and Avery and Claire and Charlie probably won't mean too much to David.

So I am about to rectify this situation. I'm gonna make a big ole country supper - meatballs and gravy, egg noodles, butterbeans, biscuits, brownies and ice cream. And Alex and I are about to create the card of all cards. It's going to be big and it's going to be colorful and it's going to be romantic. But somehow when I think about romantic cards I picture people feeding each other chocolate-covered strawberries while they hold hands in a field of dandelions as they sing love songs from the 70's.

And that's not really us.

So I think I'll go for funny. Funny is most definitely us.

Off to redeem myself.

By the way, Happy Valentine's Day, BooDaddy!

Even if I'm terrible at romantical gestures (and it's very important to say "romantical," as it isn't really a word at all), I love you very much.


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