Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Calling Dr. McDreamy! Calling Dr. McDreamy!

I mentioned last week that Dr. Cutie McDreamy had narrowed his bachelorette list down to three. A few comments after last night's episode:

He and Sarah from Nashville seemed to have fun on their "exotic overnight date." She would be the best catch, for sure - she's cute as a button and grounded as can be and a kindergarten teacher to boot and basically a Bachelor anomaly in that she's normal. But they still don't have one bit of chemistry. They're trying to have chemistry, and I think they want to have chemistry, but the chemistry, well, it does elude them.

Susan, the girl who says she is "falling in love" with Travis but oh, by the way, also wants to move to L.A. to pursue her acting career but never ever ever intended for The Bachelor to be a stepping stone (ahem), got the boot last night. And I say good riddance.

Moana continues her reign as the girl who has had a "certain effect" on Dr. McDreamy (my sister said it - I didn't - but my sister is right). Oh, she is a troubled soul, and I'm afeared that while she is maintaining a facade of normalcy right now, one day in the near future Dr. McDreamy will catch her spying on him as he makes his rounds or find her rifling through his photo albums and performing odd sacrificial rituals with pictures of his old girlfriends. Sometimes short-term fun has long-term consequences. I'm just sayin'.

During the previews for next week's episode, viewers were instructed to do the following: "Be sure to stay tuned next week and see which one of these two ladies might get to be a doctor's wife!" [emphasis mine]

Because really, being a doctor's wife is obviously the highest goal to which any self-respecting female could aspire.

Because really, being a doctor's wife is obviously the pinnacle of all possible wifely experiences.

I mean, who cares cares if a man is "kind" or "respectful" or "funny" - if he's a doctor, ladies, then your problems are solved!

Mercy, mercy me.


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