Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Walk Away, Doctor. Walk Away.

I know I'm probably a day behind the rest of y'all, but I have to chime in about "The Bachelor" from last night.

As far as I can tell, Dr. Cutie McDreamy has no hope of a future with any of these girls.

The most likeable of the bunch - Sarah from Nashville - has zero chemistry with him. She is an adorable girl - cute as a bug - but they have about as much spark as a pack of matches left out in the rain. Not gonna work.

Sarah from Canada is cute enough, and they seem to have an attraction, but the look on his face when he realized that she still lived at home...pure horror. Bottom line: she's just too young (and I just saw the end of the episode, so I know she didn't get a rose. I'm telling you - it freaked him out that she lives with her mama).

Susan - fake fake fake fake fake fake fake. The whole "one person can't fill another person up / cup of water" analogy? Somebody's trying too hard, and it's Susan.

Moana - Aside from the dreadful name, she's a beautiful girl. But oooooh, is she troubled. Methinks someone struggles with insecurity issues...plus, if no one in the house liked her, there must be a reason. Where there's smoke and all that....

He's going to pick Moana because they have chemistry and because guys never see / heed the BIG FLASHING warning signs when a girl can't get along with other girls. He's going to give Moana the benefit of the doubt and decide that the other girls were just jealous. There is a term that Sister's friend Shirley uses for situations where men fall for women like Moana, and while it is not necessarily appropriate for this type of forum, I do believe it would apply.

In the end, I fear, Dr. McDreamy is going to be decidedly unlucky in love. And I'm so tempted to do a medical pun right here ("He's going to need some blind dates, STAT"), but I won't because that would be really cheesy, wouldn't it?


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