Sunday, February 05, 2006

Super Bored Sunday

OH but we have been The Lackadaisicals at our house this afternoon. Everyone took naps, except for Ally, who sat at David's feet for the entire afternoon and stared at him. Nothing would distract her. Not Alex, not food, not promises of outdoor adventure. Nothing. As a result, David has been very uncomfortable, as if someone has perhaps put some sort of tracking device into Ally's little doggy brain in an effort to monitor all of his actions and activities for a Strategic Government Operation in which he is an unwilling participant.

For what it's worth, I have never cared less about any sporting event than I do about this year's Super Bowl. I can't even pretend to be interested. The Bulldogs put a whipping on Auburn yesterday, though - and THAT I enjoyed.

This morning before church I had a couple of EXCELLENT parenting moments that Alex will no doubt carry in his heart for a lifetime and share with his own children as he extends our family's parenting legacy into the next generation:

1) "Alex, you have a choice: you can come downstairs, or you can stay upstairs."
2) "If you don't wear a sweater, you're going to be cold, because you won't be warm."

Brings a tear to the eye, doesn't it?

Last thing: you all need to be watching Project Runway on Bravo. And just as enjoyable as the show is Tim Gunn's blog and podcast after each episode.

Carry on.


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