Friday, February 03, 2006

Domestic Policy, Part II

Several things as a follow up to the earlier HGTV post and a segue into a discussion of Food Network:

Mission Organization is highly entertaining - again, it's a look at how other people live, and if this show is any indication, there are a great many Americans living in bedrooms where they can't get to the bed and in living rooms where they can't sit down. Fascinating. Decorating Cents is too crafty for me. As I mentioned in the comments on the earlier post, I don't want to take a fence post and turn it into a paper towel holder. I'd rather by a paper towel holder that, you know, works.

Moving on.

I love to cook, and as a result, I also enjoy Food Network. I've written before about Paula Deen...and what's so funny to me is that while one might think that my mama would also love Paula Deen, she doesn't. In fact, when she was here last week and I was watching Paula's show, Mama mocked her. MOCKED HER. At first it caught me off-guard, but then I realized what was going on: Mama is a wonderful cook in general, a wonderful Southern cook in particular, and I think she feels like Paula has stolen a little bit of her thunder. Mama went on and on about how Paula's recipes weren't any good and implied that Paula's accent was fake and basically did everything she could to try to burst my Paula bubble. I wanted to tell Mama that it's not a competition :-) - that the fact that I like Paula doesn't mean that I like my mama's cooking any less, but I thought better of it and just let Mama rant. Regardless of Mama's feelings, I will continue to TiVo Paula's show.

Now, what I'm about to say may be the subject of some controversy, especially if book sales are any indication, but I'm going to put it out there anyway: Rachael Ray grates on my last nerve, and yes, I got the food pun. I'm sure she's a lovely, optimistic person. Lord knows she's loud. But she talks in too many abbreviations for me.

She will say something like, "Okay, guys, before we get started we need to grab some onions and olives from the fridge, and I'll get the mayo, too, because we're going to combine it all with some EVOO* in the pan, and you will want to eat it 24/7, I promise you. Because it's DELISH, guys - it really is!"

*EVOO = extra virgin olive oil. Isn't that obnoxious?

In short, she makes me want to throw things. And she makes lots of hot sandwiches. And when she tastes her final product, she rolls her eyes and nods, like she's thinking, "Oh yeah, RACH - that rocks!"

Okay - I have to shut up now because I'm supposed to be somewhere at 3:30 - but I welcome any additional thoughts in the comments.


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