Tuesday, February 14, 2006

At This Rate, I'll Catch Up Sometime In May

Here's what happens to your TiVo when you miss an entire weekend of catching up on your television viewing (number of unwatched episodes in italics):

Oprah Winfrey (4) - but no Faith and Tim, mind you. I'm still aggrieved.

Starting Over (4) - I'm surprised David didn't delete these while I was gone.

House Hunters (11) - yes, you read correctly. Eleven episodes.

Paula's Home Cooking (5) - maybe she'll make this again!

24 (3) - I'm distressed by how behind I am so early in the season.

Survivor - Panama - Exile Island (1) - Eh, not so sure I care.

Dancing With The Stars (2) - Drew Lachey does the tango!

Arrested Development (1) - the two-hour series finale. Sigh.

That's twenty three hours of television for those of you keeping score at home.

Don't get me started about how I'm going to make time for the Olympics. But I'll find a way. I will!

Email me if you'd like to babysit so that I can pile up on the sofa for a solid day of Watching All The Programming.

A girl has to have her priorities, you know.


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