Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Idol Re-Cap: Finals, Week Four

We've got us a country theme tonight, which means that Bucky will perhaps be more unbearable than usual, and I'm wondering how in the world the contestants are going to relate to Kenny Rogers, who, bless his heart, is hanging on to his youth with everything he has.

Taylor Hicks - "Take Me Home, Country Roads" - Just for the record, I sang this song at my kindergarten graduation, which means it's been around for way too long for anyone to care about it anymore. I don't like this song for Taylor, because it has about three notes, and he can't show off vocally. I would've liked to have seen him do a little something with some soul to it...like an old George Jones song, or even a Tim McGraw song that has a little kick to it. Or Garth Brook's "Baton Rouge" - that would have been a GREAT Taylor choice. I love Taylor, but there was nothing special about this performance.
Mandisa - "Any Man of Mine" - Now I am a Mandisa fan, but the song didn't suit her at all...I think Shania Twain picks songs like this one because they involve a great deal of "talky notes" - meaning she doesn't have to SING that much...but Mandisa can really sing, so she should. The part at the end, though, where she had something to do, was good.
Elliott Yamin - "If Tomorrow Never Comes" - I thought this performance was interesting. Because people so associate this song with Garth Brooks, it was interesting to hear just a little bit of an R & B twist on it. Bubba said last week that Elliott seems to be one to watch, and I think he's right.
Paris Bennett - "How Do I Live Without You" - She's in big-time territory, seeing as how Miss Trisha Yearwood AND LeAnn Rimes recorded this song, so she's at a disadvantage in my book from the get-go. It was a rough start, and a little rocky in parts, but I appreciate that she sang this song "straight on" - no unnecessary runs, good and strong at the end.
Ace Young - "Tonight I Wanna Cry" - Is he capable of doing anything besides looking earnestly into the camera? He's gonna have to mix it up at some point...maybe move around the stage a little? He stays in his one spot and tries to hypnotize us with his unblinking eyes. David just said, "If he were on the radio, I would turn it off." So there you go.

Hey. We are officially bored by this week's Idol. So we're going to start predicting what the rest of the performers will sing to liven up the proceedings. We make our own fun, you know?

Kellie Pickler - I'm predicting she sings a Faith Hill song. David predicts "The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia" or "Fancy." And ladies and gentlemen, David nailed it. This could have been a great song for her, but it sounded like it was in the wrong key for her...too high, maybe? And she gave the word "town" more syllables than I do.
Chris Daughtry - I predict that he sings "Hurt" by Johnny Cash. David predicts that he'll sing "Picture" by Kid Rock. We're both wrong - he picked a Keith Urban song, "Making Memories of Us." How much do I love that he's not SCREAMING AT ME? What a refreshing and delightful change. It's nice to see that he can do something a little different...and I think people enjoyed this performance.
Katharine McPhee - David and I both predict that she sings a Martina McBride song. We were so wrong - she picked "Bringin' Out The Elvis In Me," one of my least favorite Faith Hill songs, even if she is my BFF. The problem with this song is that it's impossible to sing along. I will say that she sounded good singing it, but it's not a fun song to begin with, so, you know, eh. But, I do think Katharine found a way to play to her strengths. Hopefully she won't be in the bottom three again.
Bucky Covington - David and I don't even care what Bucky is going to sing, unless it's that Trace Adkins "Honky Tonk Bedonkydonk" song, which could quite possibly be interesting in a train wreck sort of way. But he picked a Gary Allan song, "Best I Ever Had." I dislike this song so much that I can't even write about it. Plus, it was just a boring performance. And now we're fast forwarding through it to put us out of our misery. HE SHOULD NOT BE IN THIS COMPETITION.

There's a little interweb rumor that next week is Prince week - and goodness knows that sounds more interesting than what we've heard the last two weeks. Somebody has got to step in and help these people pick some decent songs. Please. Because one more week like the last two, and I'm just not going to care anymore.

Should go: Bucky Covington
Will go: Ace Young


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