Thursday, June 08, 2006

I Am Not A Frontier Woman, People

A little bit of technical difficulty of this end of things today because OUR POWER HAS BEEN OUT since about 10 this morning.

I am now blogging from an undisclosed safehouse. With the thermostat on about 68.

Mercifully, Alex and I had just headed out on some errands when Billy Jack Bubba at the power company got a guide wire crossed with a main wire and blew out a grid that covers a good third of the county where we live. In the meantime, there was a three-alarm fire in downtown Birmingham that knocked out service for 25,000 people in that area. So they've been a little strained, the folks at Alabama Power. Wouldn't you love to be answering the phones there today?

And y'all know me - I do NOT do heat - so we've been to Walmart, Family Christian, lunch, two libraries, the church, etc. The outage didn't affect any of our "stomping grounds," and for that I am more grateful than I can tell you. I ran home and got all of my meat out of the refrigerator and freezer - no sense in adding a little salmonella to the un-air conditioned festivities - and all our perishables are now safely squared away.

So we're staying put, Alex and I, until we get the word not just that the power is back on, but that the house is cool. I don't know about y'all, but the second, the very INSTANT that a power outage happens, I'm immediately just smothering to death from the imagined heat. Can't breathe at all.

(I’m so not kidding about my aversion to being hot indoors. I grew up in Mississippi. I lived in Baton Rouge for three years. I have deep-seeded heat and humidity issues. You people in Texas have to know what I'm talking about.)

Hey, good news. David just called to tell me that we're back in air conditioned business at home. Hopefully by the time Alex and I get there it'll be nice and chilly inside...I just may get to post that Thursday Thirteen after all. See y'all in a little bit.

Updated to add: Wait a minute. You mean to tell me that on top of the power being out for most of the day, now Blogger won't publish? Or save? AAAAAAAAAAARGH. I flail at ye, computer gods. And smite thee. Verily. :-)


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