Friday, June 09, 2006

Lots Of Unrelated Info In One Convenient Post! (Version 2.0)

A few random updates, in no particular order:

1. Potty training. [shaking head]

2. Blogger. [shaking head]

Don't they know I have a habit to feed?

3. Last night I stayed up late watching televangelists, a habit I no doubt formed during my high school insomniac days when I would lie awake watching Richard Roberts with the Oral Roberts University Singers. ANYWAY, this next observation has nothing to do with doctrine or deciding to "partner" with someone via their television ministry.

Ahem. AHEM. I seem to have something caught in my throat. Excuse me. :-)

Now what I have to say may be a strong word for some of you, but I feel it needs to be said.

Ladies, let's steer clear of nude hose coupled with an ankle strap shoe. It makes even the slimmest ankles and calves look chunky. In fact, I wish Joyce Meyer had asked me for my opinion before she took the stage. And filmed herself. And then broadcast it. Because a simple pump would have been much more flattering.

That may be the most superficial utterance of my adult life, by the way.

4. I'm due for a Bloggity Goodness update in the sidebar. And I'm working on it. But I probably won't get it posted until Plattapalooza is over (isn't that way better than Plattabration? Addie came up with it. I think it's genius).

5. My BIL, Barry, is here for the weekend. Alex is so excited because he seems to think that he's going to get to be one of the guys (you know, hanging out, playing videogames, etc.). Barry and David just left for a movie, and A. couldn't understand why he wasn't invited ("Mama, I'm leavin'! I'm goin' with Daddy and Barry!"). So A. and I may have to have a little mother / son outing tomorrow, lest he think he can sit and watch his daddy and his uncle rip the heads off of aliens and gather sensitive intelligence information in their plots against an evil dictator.

Sister, if you're wondering, is on a faaaaabulous trip here. It's an annual jaunt for her, and she always has the BEST stories when she comes home. Keep her in your prayers - she's going to be mighty busy over the next couple of weeks.

Have a great weekend, y'all!


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