Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Oh, Deer*

My cousin Paige always says that when the weather is cool, deer like to move.

Well she wasn't kidding.

Alex and I were on the way to church tonight when a deer that was in fact on the move came in direct contact with my car, which was also on the move.

Alex and I are fine.

But the deer and the car, they didn't fare as well.

I still don't know exactly what happened...Alex and I were riding along, talking about what song we were going to listen to, and suddenly there was this large tawny-colored mass in front of us. The deer tried to leap out of the way, but it was too late, as the front of my car can testify.

After the unfortunate incident occurred, I pulled over to the side of the road and called David to tell him what happened. And when I couldn't get Alex to calm down - preschoolers are understandably frightened when a disconcertingly large animal comes in direct contact with the front of their vehicle - we turned around and came home.

I looked for the deer on our way back to the house, and he was nowhere to be found. This led me to believe that he may have just been badly bruised (I was only going about 30 mph) and then hobbled off into the woods. I hope that's the case, at least.

Somehow it makes me feel better to think that maybe he and his deer buddies are sitting around a campfire right about now, re-hashing the whole episode. My deer friend would be wearing a very large Ace bandage around his right hind leg, of course, maybe limping more than is necessary in front of all the lady deer so that he gets a little extra sympathy and some chocolate chip cookies.

It would be really nice if he'd pay my insurance deductible, but I'm probably out of luck on that one. Since the deer have a different currency system and all.

I hope he doesn't sue!

And seriously, I really do hope he's okay.

Bless his little deer heart.

* - punniest. title. evir.


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