Sunday, October 01, 2006

Greetings From A Wayward Blogger

Our house goes on the market Tuesday, which means that David and I have been in full-on home improvement mode since Thursday. And right now I'm really tempted to say that I've been "staging" my house because Emma Kate informed me this afternoon that the word "staging" really gets on her nerves, so I asked her what in the world would I call all the arranging and re-arranging if not "staging," and she said that I should just say "fixin' it up."

So, just for Emma Kate: we have been "fixin' up" the house. Because goodness gracious doesn't that just sound so much better than "staging"?


Anyway, we have been busy. And since Alex has been at his grandparents' house, we have really enjoyed our time together. It's been a real reminder that we don't need to wait until we decide to put a house on the market to take some time for just the two of us. It's been fun - and as ready as I am to see the little man, I am very, very grateful to have had the last four days with D. It's been good. Great, in fact. We needed it.

Don't forget that Lauren is having her Bloggy Tour of Testimonies today...I've posted mine before, but if I can find it in the archives I will certainly be adding it to her Mr. Linky.

In the completely trivial news department, if you watch "Project Runway," are you shocked to learn that Uli - the designer who makes every single dress out of a print - is 25? Because I saw that this weekend when a re-run was on, and I was FLOORED because no kidding I thought she was in her late 30's (in other words, MY age).

I'll be back with some form of narrative cohesion later. But right now I have to go get ready because I have to be back at church at 5:15. We'd love for you to join us.



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