Wednesday, September 20, 2006

On The Cutting Edge, As Always

Today I put on some Sassy Pants that I got a couple of years ago. I had forgotten about them until I cleaned out my closet recently and rediscovered them, and oh, I could not wait until the first cool breeze hit this part of the country so that I could don said pants and be funky fresh for fall.

Now when I initially got the pants, they fit okay, but I knew they’d fit better if I lost about ten pounds. I planned to get right on that weight loss project and clearly could lose ten pounds in the span of mere days if I just set my mind to it.




And two years later, minus approximately zero extra poundage, I found that I could not resist the siren call of the Sassy Pants when I got dressed today. The fact that they only fit okay seemed perfectly acceptable in light of the Sheer Cuteness Factor, a factor that outweighs just about any element in the fashion equation, with the exception of uncomfortable shoes, which I can't even start talking about now or we'll be here until next Tuesday.

Because here's how cute the pants are: they have this wild, colorful print on the front of the legs, and the back of the legs is solid brown, except for the wild print on the back pockets. And I will NOT be showing you a picture the back pockets, lest you run screaming from the computer at the sight of my ample posterior (frankly, it would be too much for any individual to bear, and I'm just not putting you through that because I care deeply about you and your mental well-being).

Anyway, the point (OH, there's a POINT?) is that Sassy Pants are adorable and comfortable. When I'm standing up.

But when I sit down? After about five minutes? They get a little, um, restrictive. I've found myself saying "WHEW" a whole lot today, then shifting around, trying to find a more comfortable sitting position. I've also found myself standing for long periods of time for no good reason other than to keep my blood circulating properly (according to the "experts," "circulation" is a fairly critical component in order to "breathe" and "live," but I beg to differ since I've spent a good portion of the day with Considerable Numbness in the Waistband Area).

However, I'm nothing if not determined, and I am resolved to finish my daily obligations (yes, even choir practice) in the Sassy Pants.

Which is becoming increasingly problematic since I am, at this very moment, sitting and typing this post with the waistband of my Sassy Pants rolled down past my stomach.

Oh yes MA'AM.


Think they'll mind at choir?

I think it could be a Hot Trend for fall, don't you?


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