Tuesday, September 19, 2006

An Excellent Adventure


Did anybody else see "Oprah" yesterday?

Because Oprah and Gayle set out on a cross country trip in a Chevrolet, and I laughed out loud and clapped my hands while I watched. I really think that Gayle and Emma Kate are somehow related, so similar are their personalities (and p.s. - Gayle sings just like my friend Tracey in that she is a bit, um, tonally, um, challenged, which tickles me to no end).

Anyway, as a result of today's show, I've decided that I want to take a cross country car trip with someone next year - and I really could name fifteen people off the top of my head that I would go with IN A HEARTBEAT, with my husband being at the tippy-top of that list. But if one of the conditions of my imaginary voyage is that I can't take a family member - well, then, my college friends go straight to the starting line-up. I can't think of a single one who wouldn't be an absolute blast.

And it probably won't surprise you, what with your understanding of my OCD tendencies, to learn that I've been thinking about my potential cross country route. I'd love to fly to New York, rent a car, and then make my way to California, but I think I'd probably just back out of my driveway and head west. It wouldn't be all-the-way-across-country, per se, but it would be a start. Plus, driving from here to California would take me straight through Texas, which would give me a chance to meet some of my most favorite blogging buddies.

I think it's a pretty fun idea, don't you?

And just out of curiosity - if you were driving cross country, who would you take with you if you couldn't take family? And what would be the soundtrack for your trip? Or would you, like Oprah, rather ride in silence? (in case you were wondering, the thought of riding in silence doesn't just make me twitch - it makes me KICK. Incessantly.)

Good times, noodle salad.*

Can't wait to read your comments.

*Anybody know the movie?


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