Wednesday, September 13, 2006

If Dairy Queen Had A Clever Slogan, That Would Be My Title

Okay so let's just say - hypothetically, of course - that late yesterday afternoon I couldn't stand it any longer, and because I am but a weak vessel, my car magically steered itself to the nearest Dairy Queen where I enjoyed a delicious peanut butter cup Blizzard.

Because it totally happened, except for the whole "car magically steered itself" part.

You see, I actually drove my car WITH GREAT INTENTION to the DQ, oh yes I did. And I only got a small Blizzard, which was really a significant accomplishment because I had thought about the delicious peanut butter cup concoction for so long yesterday that I could've easily bought the convenient IV-bag size Blizzard if they sold one - and then hooked myself up to it right there in the Dairy Queen parking lot.

So I was pretty proud that I only got a small.

Anyway, I was in a long line at the drive-thru, and when I finally got to the intercom thing-y, I placed my order, which may or may not have also included a hamburger.

(Oh, I was on my way to a meeting and it was suppertime and I was hungry. I AM NOT A ROBOT, PEOPLE!)

Anyway, after I gave the DQ guy my order, here was his response:

“I’m so sorry, ma’am. I was having a hard time finding where to ring up your [ALLEGED!] hamburger on the register, so if you wouldn’t mind, could you please repeat your order?”

I was thrown off just a bit because for a moment I believed that I had been transported from the highway 280 corridor to some sort of alternate universe, a universe of Fast Food Workers Who Care and, not only that, who want to Make A Difference. I mean, I don’t know about you, but the normal level of fast food service that I get is somewhere along the lines of “CanItakeyourorder? Huh? What? Wantfries? Huh? Yeah. Nine-oh-four. Firstwindow.”

So I gave him my order again, and then he said – THEN he said: “Thank you, ma’am, for repeating your order. I appreciate it. I am so sorry for the inconvenience.”

Now I know I live in the South, where we pride ourselves on hospitality and kindness. But this guy – this Dairy Queen guy? He should get, like, an award or something. Seriously. I wanted to make him a sticker for his nametag that said, “I’m The Nicest Cash Register Guy Evir.” I wanted to run over to Lowe’s and buy him a plant. I wanted to tip him.

Once I got to the window and gave him my money, he named my items as he handed them to me: “Your [ALLEGED!] hamburger, ma’am? Your peanut butter cup Blizzard, ma'am?”

And I just stared back at him all glassy-eyed, totally refreshed by an encounter with someone who actually seemed to like people and enjoy his job. If I had his parents’ phone number, I would call them and tell them how well-behaved their son is. They should be proud.

Honestly, his sweet disposition had such an impact on me that I’m thinking about going back to Dairy Queen before church tonight so that I can support a business with such polite employees.

And maybe get another Blizzard.

It would be a completely selfless act of encouragement on my part.


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