Monday, September 11, 2006

I Can't Even Buy A Train Of Thought

I am deeply embarrassed that I posted about the whole "wri-" thing. Looking back it just sort of reeks of teenage angst, and since I'm over a decade and a half removed from my teenage days, re-reading that post makes me feel all icky and self-indulgent. And "icky" is a terribly mature word, in case you didn't notice.

In other news, I am "encouraging" Alex to stay on the potty until he takes care of his business by offering him what we're calling "the poo-poo sucker." And I realized, just a minute ago when I offered it to him, that perhaps we've chosen the wrong verbiage for said sucker, as it seems to imply a flavor of candy that no one in his right mind would ever want to purchase let alone enjoy. But it's actually a strawberry flavored sucker (much better, yes?) that he can have while he sits on the potty, and though the thought of eating candy while, well, you know sort of makes me want to throw up, the method seems to work like a charm for a three year old.

Let's see. What else can I write about that will entertain and delight?

Oh. Of course. Big excitement in the Publix deli department today! I stopped to get our usual oven roasted turkey breast, and I noticed that the oven roasted lemon pepper chicken breast was on sale, about 50 cents cheaper a pound. Because I am my father's daughter, I immediately requested the on-sale item despite the fact that I've never tried it, and can I just say? DELICIOUS. It's a nice break from turkey, and the fact that I consider myself someone who's in need of a "break" from turkey pretty much makes me feel like the lamest person on the whole planet ("pssst! hey! y'all check out BooMama's blog today! she's gone craaaaaazy! she bought chicken sandwich meat instead of turkey sandwich meat! liv-ing on the EDGE!").

And now for a completely unrelated question, one that I'm asking simply because I'm feeling particularly indecisive. If you were going to stay after church for lunch with your entire family - and if the kids were going to have their own little kid-friendly menu - would you, as a real-live grown-up, rather have beef and chicken fajitas OR barbecue with all the trimmings?

Addressing all the important issues here, as usual.


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