Thursday, September 07, 2006

Show The Preacher Some Love

Okay, I just remembered something I've been meaning to tell y'all.

When I did the post about the big news at the new church in Tupelo - which, granted, was basically just a series of questions - Emma Kate called me the next day.

We talked for awhile, but she never mentioned the post, and finally I said, "Hey, I wrote about your church yesterday."

She said, "OH! GOOD! I'll have to read that. All I've seen are those questions."

I started to laugh just a little bit and said, "Um, Missy? 'Those questions'? THAT WAS THE POST."

EK got tickled, too, and said, "WELL, it was real nice and all, but now you know there's just a whole lot more to tell. You're just not near finished, now are you?"

The thing is, I'm not. And I think one reason why I'm having such a hard time writing about it all is because I now that God's not finished, either. He has way more work to do in Tupelo, and I almost feel like what I would write down now is nothing, NOTHING in comparison to what God will have done one month, one year, five years down the line. I don't think, in my whole life ever, I've ever been privileged to witness God moving in such specific, deliberate ways. It's been pretty cool, to say the least, and it's also been hard to put into words.

And that's part of the reason why I'm ever so relieved that our good friend Kevin - who, just in case you missed it, is now EMMA KATE'S PREACHER IN TUPELO and I put that in all caps because I want to make sure EK notices that I said it in the declarative and not in the interrogative - has come along and taken some of the pressure off of me.

Because he has a blog now! And I will be sending you his way in just a moment after I embarrass him completely and make his cheeks turn red.

Here's the thing about Kevin: he teaches and preaches God's Word faithfully. He doesn't dumb down the message or The Message. He doesn't water down the truth or The Truth. He loves people wholeheartedly - unconditionally - and I have no doubt that God is going to use him in big ways in Tupelo. And one of the main reasons that Kevin can function as effectively as he does in ministry is because he has sweet Traci by his side - she is such an encourager, so optimistic, so patient, so selfless in the way she takes care of their family. And while David and I are sad that they're leaving, we couldn't be more excited about what's down the road for them. The fact that they'll be walking down that road with Emma Kate and Brad makes it all the sweeter.

So now that I've said lots of kind (and sincere) things about Kevin and his family, I think I'd like to rock his blogging world a little bit. I noticed today in his comments that he wondered if anyone was actually reading, and when I read that I thought, "hmmm...I know a few bloggity peeps I can send your way, Mr. Preacher Man." :-)

If you have a chance, please stop by The Church at Trace Crossing blog and leave Kevin and the folks in Tupelo a sweet comment. There are only a couple of posts, but Kevin's a great writer - well worth the read. (AND - ohmygosh I just thought of this - he's my first real-life friend who's started a blog! Which makes me oddly giddy! Y'all know I'm not normal!)

All right. I'm done now.

I'll see y'all tomorrow. :-)


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