Saturday, September 02, 2006

Something Is Awry...

...with Site Meter. With my Site Meter, at least.

It's telling me that I've had 22 vistors so far today, and since I've had more than that number comment since 7 this morning, and since that number is way less than the number Site Meter was giving me at 7 this morning, I think they're having some technical difficulties.

All that to say: when you visit someone's post (one that's listed in Mr. Linky below), it would probably be nice to let them know that you've been there by leaving a comment. Looks like today is a day when SM won't accurately tell the bloggy traffic tale.

And I am not in fact going out of town, but I'll update you on that later (because I'm sure y'all are, you know, sitting on pins and needles as you wait to hear about my travel plans).

You may now resume your regular bloggity business. :-)

Have a great day, everybody!


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