Friday, September 01, 2006

The Geeky Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree

For the last month or so, David and I have had a hard time keeping Alex away from and off of the computer. It's not that he wants to do anything other than mash the buttons at high rates of speed, but typically, when dealing with computers, pressing random sequences of buttons brings about techy disaster. We've had enough of those in our house without the aid of a three year old "programmer."

So yesterday I decided that despite my resolve to never ever buy toys unless it's a birthday or Christmas, I was going to have to cave for the sake of sanity. Alex and I went to Walmart, found an adorable little "computer," purchased it, and OH if the little man didn't think he had hit the big time. He kept asking me, "Mama? Is it MY computer? Are we gonna take it HOME?"

I assured him that yes, it was his; yes, we were going to take it home; and no, this wasn't like all the other toys he gets to play with while Mama shops in Walmart but then has to put aside at the cash register before we pay for our stuff. MERCIFUL DAY IN THE MORNING, he was going to get a toy JUST BECAUSE (well, technically because he is obsessed with computers and the other day opened up every single application on the laptop when his daddy's back was turned for justasecond).

The child was totally unable to comprehend his good fortune.

And y'all, I'm not sure, but I think it has changed my life. I think that it is most definitely the best $20 I have ever spent in my whole life ever. I'm not even kidding.

Listen to this.

Last night, after his bath, Alex SAT ON THE COUCH (I repeat: he sat on the couch. He did not climb up on the arms of the couch and catapult himself onto the cushions and then roll onto the floor. He SAT ON THE COUCH) with his little "laptop," and his daddy showed him how to play a couple of the games. The child was in heaven.

I guess part of his fascination is that he has long been wild about letters and numbers, and his new toy totally plays into that. When the voice in the "computer" would say, "Can you find the capital letter 'B'?" Alex would reply with "OH! THANK YOU!" (grateful for the opportunity, I guess?) Then, when he'd mash the letter and the computer would congratulate him, he would clap his hands, scream "MAMA! I GOT IT!" and thank his trusty laptop all over again.

This went on for a solid hour.

And this morning, when A. got out of bed, he spied his computer on the coffee table, ran to it, told me he wanted to play letters, and then ran with his beloved new toy to the table while I unwrapped his PopTart fixed him a homemade breakfast.

I would offer you photographic evidence, but Blogger won't let me.

Please remind me how thrilled I am with this new toy in about three days when I've been listening non-stop to the voice inside of it squeal "WHEEEEEEEEE" everytime Alex successfully locates the letter 'T.' Because that's going to get a little old.

But a three year old who knows no greater joy than to punch in a letter or number in his "laptop" and then accept electronic congratulations as he claps and shouts with glee?

I think I can deal with that for the next, you know, year or so.

Mighty cute, the little man is.

***Now, with a picture!


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