Saturday, August 26, 2006

First, Some Questions

Did I ever tell y'all the story about the time I ran into Kevin, one of the ministers at my church, at the park?

And how we'd never met before, but the previous weekend he'd preached a sermon that blew David and me away?

And how, when we met at the park, we talked for about an hour while our kids played?

And how I thought The Meeting In The Park was a total God thing because I had been praying about starting a food ministry at our church, and I told Kevin all about it that morning?

And how Kevin and David became great friends?

And how his wife Traci and I became great friends?

And how their son and Alex squeal with glee when they're together?

And how they're some of our favorite people in the whole wide world?

And how the food ministry has been great and all, but God was actually setting the wheels in motion for something else that morning? Something way bigger?

And how, about a year and a half after I met Kevin in the park, Emma Kate and Brad, along with some folks from their small group that had been praying about a church plant in Tupelo, visited our church to meet with some of the founding members (see item number four on this post) because they felt like they needed to seek some wise counsel?

And how Kevin - whom EK had never met though she had heard me talk about him a bunch since he and Traci are our, you know, friends - said a prayer at the end of the service that touched EK so deeply that when she told me about it, she cried?

And how EK and Brad and company went home and could not get Kevin off of their hearts?

And how, when I wrote this post, Kevin and Traci were the "other friends" who were coming to supper because EK and Brad were TOTALLY convicted that they were supposed to talk to them about the burden God had put on their hearts for a new church in their town?

And how, back in May, I wrote this?
"[EK and Brad] truly believe that for this [church plant] to come to fruition, they must first have God's man. They have the resources to attract someone of the highest caliber, but obviously God has to turn that man's heart toward Tupelo."
And how God has in fact given them His man?

And how Kevin and Traci and their children are moving to Tupelo?

Because Kevin is going to be the pastor for The Church at Trace Crossing, which is the church that God had just begun to birth in EK's and Brad's hearts that Saturday when Kevin and I just "happened" to run into each other at the park?


That's a good story.

And there's a whole lot more of it to tell.



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