Thursday, August 17, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

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Thirteen Posts I've Enjoyed A Whole Bunch Lately

This list could've gone on...and on...and on...

1) Toni's post about a trip with friends

2) BigMama's post about her friend Gulley's grandmother

3) Barb's post about her addiction

4) Kelli's post about some challenges that she's facing

5) Diane's post about how and why she blogs

6) Antique Mommy's post about a trip to Tuna

7) Mary at Owlhaven's post about sending her oldest to college (grab a tissue. or two.)

8) Robin's post about why caller ID alone just isn't enough

9) Lauren's post about blogging breaks

10) Shalee's post about forming community via blogging

11) Melanie's post that is the essence of All Things Southern

12) Addie's post that contains the funniest line I've ever read in my whole life ever (see the meme)

13) And of course I could link to Sarah and Shannon, but I think every single person who reads here also reads them. So you're probably all caught up with them, but if you're not - GO.

Seriously, I could have listed 20 more posts - I rattled this list off the top of my head (I HAVE AN ADDICTION, SIR) - so look for part 2 next Thursday...for real. :-)


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