Friday, August 11, 2006

Because I Love Knowledge - In Fact I Yearn For It

Here is what you would see me do if the activity on my computer screen was broadcast to people in the US (and parts of Canada) and you could view my internet surfing habits while sitting in the comfort of your living room:
Check email

Check Site Meter

Check blog for comments

Check Bloglines and read what's been posted

Make comments on posts




Repeat, ad nauseum
I mean, y'all. I know we're creatures of habit, and heaven knows I like me a routine - but I am in a rut. An interrut, if you will. There's a whole "wide world interweb" (as my friend Buddy calls it) out there, and I've reduced it to five steps. With an occasional viewing of thrown in.

And it occurred to me, as I was going through my internet routine for the fifth time the other night after A. went to bed, that I don't even surf the 'net anymore. I just surf blogs. I don't even know what's "out there."

So, I'm curious. Am I alone in this tendency? Do you find that your time on the internet is primarily dedicated to blog reading and blog writing these days? Or are you still surfing with abandon?

And if you ARE surfing, what in the world are you reading? What one site (family friendly, of course) would you recommend? What are the rest of us missing?

Just trying to broaden my webby horizons. In the interest of personal growth and development, of course. :-)


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