Sunday, August 06, 2006

"Who Makes The Woeful Heart To Sing"

Last night David and I were driving home, enjoying the quiet (read: absence of squawking toddler) while listening to a contemporary arrangement of "Fairest Lord Jesus" on the CD player.

I decided right then and there that it is my favorite hymn ever.

Followed closely by "Great Is Thy Faithfulness" and "Holy, Holy, Holy." Sang that one at church today, as a matter of fact.

Oh! And "It Is Well With My Soul." I mean, I like all kinds of music - but those old hymns just make me, well, weep. I'm so grateful that I grew up singing them.

And since I'm on the subject of church music, I'll go ahead and share this: my favorite contemporary Christian song ever is "How Great Is Our God" by Chris Tomlin (Addie is SHOCKED by that - SHOCKED, I tell you). :-) I also think "Untitled Hymn" ("Come To Jesus") by Chris Rice is gorgeous.

What are your favorites? Old and new? What are the songs that touch you way down deep in your soul?

I can't wait to read your answers...mainly because I'm curious, but partly because I can make a list of all the stuff I want to download after I see your comments. :-)


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