Wednesday, August 02, 2006

WFMW - Low-Cost, Big Impact Art

From the get-go, I should tell you that I feel a little guilty about using the word "art" in reference to the pictures you're going to see.

I think "inexpensive way to get some color on your walls" might be more appropriate.

But regardless of what it is, this method has never failed me.

The house that we live in now is really different from our house in Baton Rouge, because this house was brand new when we moved in. Higher ceilings, more open floor plan - and I had a whole lot of nothing to go on the walls.

So here's what I did.

I went to Michael's (or Hobby Lobby or wherever) and bought big pieces of pre-stretched canvas. Every once in awhile you can catch them on sale - but on the high end a big one won't be more than $20. Most of mine were in the $10 range. Then pick out all your favorite colors of craft paint (the kind that's 79 cents a container), grab a few brushes, and go to town.

This painting is in my dining room, and Sister and I painted it during a marathon decorating weekend. We put out all the paints, and I would paint awhile, then leave it alone...then she would paint awhile and leave it alone...and finally, after a couple of days of "fine tuning" it, we decided it was done.

This is my downstairs half bath...and while you're just seeing half of the "collection" in there, it's where I've put all the paintings I've forced people to do when they've visited. :-) I did do the one on the far left, but our friend Benji did the one on the top right, and my brother painted the one on the bottom right - two of my favorites. On the left side of the bathroom is a painting that my cousin's children did, along with one that D. painted when we were dating. I doubt I spent more than $50 on these - but the memories are priceless.

This one hangs in our living room - you can see it from a distance in my Tour of Homes post - and I painted it one Saturday afternoon when I was bored because I needed something for a wall in our bedroom. But then I rearranged my living room, so I moved it in there.

Now keep in mind that if you hand me a pen and paper, I can't even draw a dog...I have NO artistic ability. But I do know what colors I like, and I am somehow able to convince our guests that it would be lots of fun to sit around the table and paint after supper. :-)

And best of all (aside from the great memories)? Every painting is one-of-a-kind. Special to no one but me, probably - but great accessories that can't be duplicated.

Plus, it's like having a little piece of our family and friends with us all the time, and that always works for me.

For more great Works For Me Wednesday tips, go by and see Shannon at Rocks in My Dryer. She's good people.



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