Thursday, August 03, 2006

Not Quite As Bad As Your Uncle's Annual Slideshow, But Close

I haven't posted any pictures in forever, so guess what, everybody?


Stop rolling your eyes. Stop it RIGHT NOW.

Now I haven't written very much about my trip to Savannah, because I sort of promised myself that I wouldn't. I wanted to enjoy the girls and enjoy the trip - not look at the whole experience through the lens of what my next post would be. The trip was way more fun than I ever imagined - and everyone was exactly what I expected, only better.

But I did learn a couple of surprising things that you probably should know:

Addie has a freaky photographic memory for blog posts. I think we should enter her in some sort of contest.

Robin is more than a little obsessed with Kohl's. If y'all can recommend some sort of 12-step program to help her Break Free from her Kohl's addiction, let me know and I'll pass along the info.

But here are some things that didn't surprise me at all: Theresa is about the best-natured, most tenderhearted person EVER, and Lori is deeply, sincerely kind and smart as a whip, to boot. Addie is a TREMENDOUS listener - she doesn't miss a single beat in a conversation - and she is so easy-going and laid-back that it's impossible not to love her. Robin is bubbly and funny and straightforward - and, like the rest of the girls, utterly grounded in her faith.

I, of course, filled the role of the goofy Southern sidekick. And TOTALLY deserved an award for Worst Accent, though I did have all the girls saying "y'all" and "nabs" (for snack crackers) by the end of the trip.

Anyway. Now that I've dispensed with some preliminaries, here are some of my favorite Savannah photos:

Just in case you harbor any notions that you can just pull up to The Lady & Sons on a summer day and waltz in at lunchtime, here's what the reservation line looked like around 10:00 in the morning. Keep in mind that this is just the line to make a reservation - NOT the line to get in the restaurant.

This is where Paula Deen and her husband Michael got married. It's a gorgeous old chapel that sits just a short distance from the real-life Moon River.

And here are the pews and the floor inside - nothing to see here, really - I just liked the way they looked next to each other.

This picture is actually my favorite non-people picture from the trip. Great light - and beautiful Spanish moss (Addie fell instantly and completely in love with all the Spanish moss, by the way - we almost grabbed some for her, but we figured airline authorities might frown on such a thing).

Now. Moving along.

Remember how I told y'all that Merritt did some reading in our lovely damp hotel room in the Delta? Well, I offer you photographic proof. She quit reading shortly after I took this picture, presumably to go to bed, though I think the real reason is that all the moisture in the air was causing the pages of her book to stick together. I haven't confirmed it, but my guess is that by the time we checked out of the hotel, her book resembled a soggy pink mass of wet wood pulp.

Really, the word "damp" doesn't do that place justice.

And I TOLD y'all that we didn't let our feet touch that carpet. Here we have Tracey protecting herself from all manner of mold and mildew. I actually took a picture of ALL of our feet in flip flops, but I decided that if I were reading a blog, I would probably rather not see a photo montage featuring the feet of strangers. I'm sorta weird like that.

As for motherhood...'s the little man with one of his best friends when we got home Monday. He missed his puppy dogs so much... you can tell.

And this picture? My favorite of the summer. The toddler has turned into a little boy right before my eyes.

Is it August already?


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