Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Grace Like Rain

Yesterday morning, as I was reading through all the comments on this post, I ran across some words that just broke my heart:

"Within the last few weeks I have even picked out the church I want to visit and now ya'll are telling me God knew this [abuse] was going to happen to me as a child??? That it was God's plan for it to happen?? That God allowed it to happen?? How do I not get mad at God all over again?? Sorry if this is too long. But please someone explain to me how not to hate God. I mean if God allowed this to happen to your kid would you just praise God and say he had a reason for it?"
I spent the better part of the morning thinking and praying about the person who wrote those words, wishing there was something I could say or do to demonstrate the grace and love of Christ. Words seemed terribly inadequate in light of so much pain.

Then I read Clemntine's reply, one of the most touching, eloquent posts I've read in awhile.

Please know in advance, especially given the very personal nature of this topic, that I asked permission to put up this link. Clemntine graciously fact, in an email today she said this: "If somehow my being transparent about where I've been encourages someone else to seek a relationship with Christ - truly, it is a small price to pay."

I hope you'll read her post.

It's God's grace in action.

No doubt about it.


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