Monday, August 21, 2006

Help Me, Internets!

Okay. I'm trying to pick out a digital camera.

I know nothing - NOTHING - about fstops or apertures or whatnot. In fact, I'm only somewhat certain that those are actual photography terms, in which case the usage of those possibly pretend terms would be an enormous step out on my part.


I need to be able to point and shoot, but I want enough megapixels so that I can print 8 x 10's or bigger and they'll still look crystal clear and not all pixellated-y. Which I believe is an official photography term. (Faith, back me up.) :-)

And no need to tell me that I can't live without some form of EOS blah de blah blah, because you know all those little things on a lens you have to move around in order to make good pictures? I don't have any idea what they're for. All they enable me to do, really, is to look like I know what I'm doing when I take pictures. But then I see the actual pictures and remember oh yeah, I'm not really a photographer after all, or else I wouldn't have all these blurry shots of people's feet.

In short, I want a digital camera that will enable me to take pictures real purty-like and then make real purty-like prints. In the past I've enjoyed a brand that rhymes with SHANNON, but I'm not terribly brand loyal.

Suggestions? Do you have a camera you love? Or one that you DON'T love so that I know what to avoid?


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