Friday, August 25, 2006

A Puzzling Post If Ever There Was One

Today I was on the phone with Emma Kate while A. and I were running some errands (two-for-one big foil pans at Party City! FIFTY CENTS A PIECE! I will sleep the sleep of angels tonight.), and suddenly she said, "OH! MISSY! I checked your blog earlier. And you're falling behind! There's no post for Friday!"

So apparently I have deadlines now. Per my editor Emma Kate. :-)

But the truth is that it's just been one of those days where I started writing posts 2 or 3 times and sort of lost the will. I've had a hard time finding my bloggity flow, which is in fact an Official Blogging Term. You can find it in BooMama's Blogging Dictionary.

Or at least you could if BooMama's Blogging Dictionary actually, you know, existed.


I have a story to tell.

But you know how when God does something really big, it's almost intimidating to tell what He's done because you don't think you can do it justice?

I actually started writing a post about it all on June 28 - before there was any clear ending in sight - and here I sit, two months later, astonished by how everything has played out, but I still can't GIT IT LIKE I LIKE IT. :-)

So I'm going to bed. And hopefully sleeping late. Because I'm tired. And tomorrow, I will start afresh.

Because the story? It's a good 'un. :-) And it really has nothing to do with me...I've just been privileged to watch from the sidelines.

And speaking of sidelines, only one week until college football.

Which is totally unrelated.

But important to me nonetheless.

See? I told you I was tired. :-)


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