Saturday, September 16, 2006

So That I Can Remember

Sometime in the wee hours this morning I woke up and heard Alex talking. He had gotten out of his bed, walked downstairs, come into our room, and apparently decided that he'd just talk until one of us decided to talk back to him. So I asked him what he wanted, and he said, "Oh, Mama! I want some chocolate candy!"

I explained that he couldn't have chocolate candy what with it being DARK O'CLOCK and all, so he said, "Oh! Okay, Mama! Can I get in the bed with you and Daddy?"

I was too tired, honestly, to refuse him.

So he climbed up in bed, got in between D. and me, and continued to talk about the chocolate candy, and his froggie, and his bad dream, and the trade crisis in Central Asia (okay. maybe not that. but he was talking a LOT). Eventually we both went back to sleep, and when I got up this morning he was still in the bed with us.

I tried to gently crawl out of the bed so I wouldn't wake up the little man - but as soon as my knee slid against the fitted sheet he popped up like a jack in the box.

I ruffled his hair a little and said, "Good mornin', buddy - did you sleep good?"

He squinted at me and said, "Yeah. I sleep good, Mama."

I got out bed, intent on Finding Coffee, and as I was walking out of the bedroom I heard Alex say, "Mama?"

"What, baby?" I answered.

"Did I sleep in the bed with our family last night? Did I sleep in the bed with you and Daddy - with our family?"

Something about the way he said it - something about his realization that yes, we are a family - it just took my breath away.

I could not love him more.


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