Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Irony, It Astounds Me

As a child, I would come thisclose to rolling my eyes whenever my daddy turned the radio dial to the country station that had a Southern Gospel Hour on Sunday mornings.


Well, as it turns out: me.

And as an adult, I can't hear a Southern gospel song without singing along - and as David and Sister will attest, whether or not I know the words is of very little consequence. I will just hum harmony if need be. Or, in some cases, "harmony," because I tend to be a smidge off-key.

These days poor Alex is the one subjected to the Southern Gospel Hour on Sunday mornings, and - I KID YOU NOT - he puts those little gospel-esque harmonic tags at the end of everything he sings ("ALLLL THROUGH THE TOOOOOOOOOO-OWN" or, better yet, "Next time won't you sing with SIIIIIING WIIIIIIIIIITH MEEEEEEEEEEEEE").

Clearly, I have ruined him.

So anyway, it's a gorgeous day and God is good and I just felt like hearing a little Southern gospel music this morning. Thought I'd share.

Happy Thursday!


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