Thursday, September 21, 2006

An Eye-Opener Is What It Is

So I got home from a little Mama-party tonight (it was WILD, I tell you - we ooh'd and aah'd over cooking utensils and then drank way too much ginger ale with raspberries while we perused catalogs with even more cooking utensils - WILD!) and visited with the family and got Alex tucked into bed and then came downstairs to check Bloglines.

And there were maybe two new posts as opposed to the normal eleventy hundred new posts.

And I thought, well, um, that's strange.

But then I remembered: Grey's Anatomy. Season premiere.

Now I don't watch the show [she says, ducking for cover], but I have a newfound appreciation for it because Cutie McPretty or Dr. McDreamy or whatever his name is can flat shut down blogland for a couple of hours. THAT'S impressive. Really. I believe I have badly underestimated the loyalty and fervor that you people have for this seemingly-addictive television program that I have never seen.

So I hope you enjoyed it.

In other television news, David and I enjoyed "The Office" season premiere tonight. At least I did until I got on the phone with Merritt and quit watching. But then she made me laugh so hard that I wet my pants. And I enjoyed that, too (the laughing. not so much the other).

See y'all tomorrow.


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