Friday, September 22, 2006

In Which I Dot The I's

1. The Sassy Pants:

Because I AM ALL ABOUT THE BLOGGY SACRIFICE, people, I snapped a picture at an incredibly awkward angle right before choir practice the other night, even though others must have thought me to be slightly insane. What with me taking a picture of my pants leg and all.

And seriously: aren't they sassy?

2. The Wri- Thing: Yeah, you know, whatever. Emailed one person with "connections." Doubted myself seven hundred and sixty one times. Regretted emailing connected person and felt very presumptuous. Received two firm but loving and encouraging "talking-tos" from Daph and Laura re: wri- confidence. Vowed to be more proactive. Realized wri- confidence is a helpful prerequisite for "proactivity." Praying about that. A lot.

Also: overusing "quotations." "A lot."

3. I've gotten several sweet emails over the last month from people asking if I mind if they plan some sort of "tour" for their blog. I think people probably don't want to use the tour idea without my permission, which is really kind and thoughtful but TOTALLY unnecessary.

So let me just say this: if you want to plan a Tour of Faucets, a Tour of Master Bathrooms With Double Sinks, a Tour of Basements, whatever - HAVE AT IT. :-) Seriously. I would've never done Tour of Homes if Shannon and Carol hadn't suggested it to me, so feel free to TOUR IT UP on your own blogs if you want.

Which reminds me: I'm waivering about doing the Christmas Tour of Homes, because I think that people could probably use a break from Bloggity Extravaganzas that involve me (like I told Chilihead: since I'm sort of sick of me, I can't imagine that everyone else isn't, too). I'll try to decide something for sure in the next few weeks. I guess I'm sort of wondering if it wouldn't be one more obligation for people during an already busy time of year? I'd love your feedback....

4. David's going out of town in a couple of weeks. I'm relaying this information because a) I want prowlers to have plenty of advance notice and b) I want to make an announcement.

So here it is: I'm going to TRY to watch this thing they call "Grey's Anatomy" while he's gone. Yep, I'm gonna jump right up on the bandwagon even though it goes against my longstanding no-bandwagon-jumping TV watching principle. HAPPY, DAPHNE AND ADDIE?

5. And in the completely unrelated department (not that this post is the model of narrative coherence or anything): is it possible to freeze salsa? If so, in what kind of container?

Thank you for your time. Have a lovely weekend.


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