Monday, October 02, 2006

Thank Goodness For This Meme Because I Have Major Writer's Block

This meme courtesy of my friend Barb...

Favorite memory of your mother?
I have lots of favorite memories of Mama - some sweet, some funny, some downright hard to believe. I don't think I can pick a favorite, although this one is certainly way up there.

Another Mama Memory - and one I've never blogged about - is from the night David proposed. I was spending the weekend in my hometown, and I didn't get to Mama and Daddy's house until late that Friday afternoon. David was coming into town from Baton Rouge, and Mama and Daddy knew that he was planning to give me a ring (being a good Southern boy and all, he had asked my daddy's permission several weeks beforehand).

Anyway, when I walked in Mama and Daddy's house with my weekend luggage, Mama surveyed me from head to toe and said, "Are you planning to wear that tonight?" I had on a pair of jeans and a sweater, and I thought I was perfectly attired for the trip to a Mexican restaurant that D. and I were planning.

Ever the clueless one, I said, "Um, yeah - we're just going out to eat."

And Mama, in the most gentle of tones, said, "Well, I think you might want to change. You might want to wear something a little dressier tonight."

I ended up not changing clothes, and David did in fact propose about an hour later as we sat on Mama and Daddy's couch.

And later that night, I realized the reason for Mama's concern with my attire: she didn't want me to get engaged with blue jeans on.

If you're a Southern girl, you can totally appreciate that.

Favorite memory of your father?
When Alex was about four months old, he would sit in Daddy's lap for hours on end. Alex would kick his legs constantly, and Daddy thought it was so funny...they would just look at each other and giggle, completely entertained by one another. It was the beginning of a very sweet relationship between those two. Seeing Daddy as a grandfather has given me a whole new appreciation for him as a father. It's been a good thing.

Favorite memory of your siblings?
It's a long story, but my absolute favorite memory with Sister is the time we were driving a UHaul (or, as my mama says, a "U-Haul-It") down Peachtree Road in Atlanta, and when Sister applied the brakes on an incline, the ladder in the back of the UHaul hit the door, which in turn opened just enough (that little "safety lock" feature wasn't working, apparently) so that the ladder landed in the middle of Peachtree.

I laughed so hard that I really think I lost consciousness for a brief period of time.

My favorite memory of my brother is when we were in New York City about five years ago. As we were leaving this pretty snazzy restaurant, we found ourselves underneath an awning with Ivana Trump. I didn't dare say anything, mainly because I was afraid she'd poke out one of my eyes using only that perfectly coiffed tower of hair on the top of her head, but after we all got loaded into our car, my brother leaned out of it and honored Ms. Trump with the loudest, most redneck whistle you've ever heard in your life...the kind of whistle where you have to put your fingers in your mouth first so that it's really good and shrill.

I didn't lose consciousness from laughing that time, but I definitely wet my pants. Cracks me up just thinking about it.

What one skill would you like to wake up tomorrow and be able to do (though you'd never learned it)?

I would sing like an angel. I'd also love to be able to draw.

Which one of your dreams has come true?

I am not, by nature, a dreamer. I tend to err on the side of practical. But, as a teenager, I used to hope that I'd be married to someone who was also my very best friend - someone I could talk to for hours and who would make me laugh. So if we're calling that a "dream," it definitely came true.

Yay. :-)

Now I'll tag anyone else who is suffering from writer's block...leave me a note in the comments if you decide to do this one!


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